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100ma X-ray chest stand introduction

100ma X-ray chest stand is used for human radiography.X-rays of the chest, clinically called chest film, were taken by bucky stand. In the current medical technology has already been widely used.The subject takes a standing position, typically holding the air while inhaling peacefully, and x-rays pass through the chest and are projected onto the film to form a chest film.
100ma X ray chest stand
To make the image clear without shadows, keep the shoulder blades fully open.
When taking the test with the existing technique of 100ma X-ray chest stand, medical staff always told the examinees to keep the shoulder blade open completely for the examinees. The examinees were often asked to keep the chest close to the 100ma X-ray chest stand, and the arms were open to circle the 100ma X-ray chest stand.
Two sets of fixation rings were fixed on both sides of the 100ma X-ray chest stand mounting bracket, and each fixation ring was fixed with a fixation band, and two relative fixation bands were connected through the locking buckle.
The Newheek 100ma X-ray chest stand can be classified into stationary, mobile and hanging type, which can meet your different needs.

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