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Bucky stand is used for X-ray machines

The bucky stand is equipped with X-ray machine to make filming more convenient and flexible, and the operation is easier and convenient. The perfect combination of bucky stand and photographic X-ray machine is an extremely wide range of equipment, and the design of its photographic system can meet the requirements of photographic inspection in medical institutions to the maximum extent. Use the balance design to make the operation smooth. For more convenient use, there is an operating handle on both sides of bucky stand, which is easy for cervical vertebra and knee joint examination.
Bucky loading and unloading method can be set to left or right according to the layout of inspection room.The automatic exposure control function can be used to check the bed or bucky stand.
The Newheek bucky stand can enable patients who cannot stand or cannot stand to take X-ray pictures without the assistance of others. Meanwhile, they can also move to the ward to take X-ray pictures for patients, avoiding the occurrence of blurred photos and images caused by hand holding.
Newheek bucky stand can be configured on its own and installed easily.
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