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Mobile bucky stand for chest radiography

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Recently, the customer called and asked to buy a mobile bucky stand, saying that the hospital now needs such items. I transferred the phone to the technician and gave him a brief introduction to the type of mobile bucky stand, technical parameters, etc. After reporting the price to him, he said that he was discussing with the hospital what type of mobile chest radiographer he would like. Prior to this, many dealers and hospitals came to inquire about the chest radiograph holder. Many people don’t know what the bucky stand is for, let alone a mobile chest frame. Here is a brief introduction to what is a bucky stand, what is a mobile bucky stand, and what are its uses.
The chest radiograph frame is also called a radiograph frame. It can be seen from the literal meaning that it is mainly used for taking chest radiographs, and is a common accessory device for hospital X-ray machines.
The chest frames we produce include four types: simple bucky stand, conventional chest frames, DR chest frames, and electric chest frames. Each has its own advantages and needs to be selected by the hospital. These are the four major categories. These four categories include mobile chest stand and vertical chest stand, as shown below:


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