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Electric medical X-ray wall bucky stand

Electric medical X-ray wall bucky stand
Medical X-ray wall bucky stand is the accessory equipment of X-ray machine. It takes pictures of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body by using the combined effect of existing medical X-ray machine and equipment in medical institutions, so as to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions.
An electronic device is added to the medical X-ray wall stand, which can adjust the up and down motion of the camera box through the remote control device to achieve precise positioning;It’s an electric film camera.A movable base device is added, which can be flexibly moved to different positions according to the needs of medical institutions.The device consists of several parts, such as the column assembly, the film box assembly, the electric device and the moving device.
Use method of remote control device;
Press the remote control to move the bucky tray up or down the putter to the desired position and start shooting.
Key operation instructions for wireless remote control: press the up (or down) button to raise (or lower) the tape box and press the pause button to stop bucky tray moving, and adjust bucky’s position in this way.
Medical X-ray wall stand Press the left button up (or right button down) button, the tape will go up (or down), then press the up (or down) button, and bucky tray will stop moving.Adjust the position of bucky tray in this way.

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