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6-8 Chengdu customers inquire about film box panel

The Chengdu customer consulted Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. for the panel of the chest bucky stand box. After seeing the picture, it was a vertical film frame, and asked what size the customer needed. The customer wanted 4638, only one panel. Inform the customer that our size needs to be customized separately, and it is not sold separately. Usually, we buy a set of chest film racks. The customer wants to customize the 4638 chest film rack. We recommend a vertical film rack with side-out films. The price has been quoted, and the customer is informed. This device is ready to use, including its size, it can be placed in a wire grid, and can be pulled out from the side. The customer thinks the price is too high and informs the customer that the price is already low. Hundreds of them, no need for door-to-door installation, they have been installed before leaving the factory, and they can be used when they arrive. In stock, it will be packaged and shipped on the same day after the order is placed, and the dealer has read it and will not reply. Pictures have been sent to customers.
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