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8-28 Nanjing customers consult bucky stand

Nanjing customer consultation of electronic technology co., LTD. Weifang NEWHEEK chest radiograph, inform the customer our company production of bucky stand has a variety of styles, ask whether customers put filter wire grid, our chest radiograph is regular, regular size of the flat panel detector can put, have fixed, mobile, according to the type a wall-mounted chest radiograph, what Dr. Dedicated, cart type chest radiograph, Side are the sternum stand out, general side out of the sternum to sell more, is our best-selling models, have been exported many countries, you can put the flat panel detector from the side can be put down from above flat-panel detector, packed in wooden cases, collision of moisture proof, etc., have a spot, can arrange shipment as soon as possible, we are manufacturer of the bucky stand the most complete, welcome to come to consult, Phone (whatsapp) : +8617616362243!


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