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A customer consulted our Newheek bucky stand

A customer saw the bucky stand advertised by our company on our Newheek website and called for consultation. The customer said that it was used for bidding and sent us the bidding parameters.
After checking, we found that the bidding parameters sent by the customer were the parameters of our bucky stand product. The bucky stand photos that met the parameters were sent to the customer as follows. After confirmation, we found that it was the same item as another customer. We explained to the customer that this bidding project has been consulted by other companies, but the bidding authorization has not yet been issued. If the customer wants to bid for this project, we will provide the same price and information, but only the only authorization. If the customer compares the winning bid You can be sure to pay a part of the deposit first, and then convert it to the purchase price, so that we will no longer authorize other companies.

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