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Advantage of bucky stand

Do you know what the advantage of bucky stand is? If you want to understand the advantages of bucky stand, then let’s take a look at the overall overview of bucky stand.
The bucky stand is mainly used for X-ray photography of various parts of the human body such as the skull, chest, abdomen and joints by cooperating with various X-ray machines. The bucky stand is a photo-assisted device that can move up and down.
The bucky stand is easy to operate and has become a must-have routine medical device for hospitals and medical institutions at all levels.
First, the importance of bucky stand for hospital radiology examination

The classification of bucky stand
1. Bucky stand is a medical X-ray filming device that is used with medical X-ray machines.
2. Bucky stand can carry out X-ray examination of multiple parts of the human body such as head, chest, abdomen, joints and limbs.
3. Bucky stand is easy to use, is the necessary medical equipment for the radiology department (room) of each medical unit.
Second, the standard for purchasing vertical chest racks

Nowadays, for the medical device manufacturers in China, there are many brands of domestic vertical chest racks. So what kind of chest rack can meet the requirements of the hospital? The hospital can refer to Newheek when purchasing the vertical chest rack. Some features and selection criteria for the vertical chest frame.

1. Compact shape, exquisite structure, novel and beautiful appearance;

2. Using fixed hand ring bolt positioning, small footprint, easy to operate;

3. The distance from the panel to the film is short, and the photographic distortion is small;

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