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Applicable scope of bucky cassette trays

Recently, there are a lot of customers to our bucky cassette trays are interested in, but most of the customers are distributors, all of bucky cassette trays is not very understanding, to this, we made answer to the customer, bucky cassette trays can be moved up and down of radiography auxiliary device, with a variety of X-ray machine, can be carried out chest, head, abdomen, pelvis, human body each part of X-ray examination.
Bucky cassette trays are aesthetically pleasing, flexible and reliable in operation.
Without nursing staff, it can accurately locate the body and shorten the distance between the body and the cartridge.
Newheek offers an X-ray bucky cassette trays with high positioning accuracy.The chest mounting bracket and the fixation band. Two sets of fixation rings are fixed on both sides of the chest mounting bracket. Each fixation ring has a fixation band, and the two opposite fixation bands are connected through the locking buckle.
Newheek bucky cassette trays can be configured arbitrarily to meet the requirements of different customers.
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