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Australian customers inquire about bucky stand

Today, I received an Australian customer’s inquiry about bucky stand on the newheek website. The customer said that he was more interested in our cart-style bucky stand and wanted us to give a quote. The bucky stand information has been sent to the customer’s mailbox , Ask the customer what size board is it to use? Due to the time difference, the customer has not responded to the bucky stand inquiry information.
Main technical parameters of bucky stand:
① The total height of the bucky stand is 1740 mm;
② The height of the handle from the ground is 960 mm;
③ The size of the base is 480 mm*480 mm;
④ Maximum film size: 17 “×17 “, the card slot width is suitable for boards with a thickness of less than 28mm;
⑤ The support arm can bear 15 KG, can swing 180 degrees left and right, and can swing up and down -50/+30 degrees. The vertical stroke of the support arm is 1270mm, the vertical stroke of the film cart is 1600mm, and the upper edge of the cassette can be up to 2070mm.
⑥ The bucky stand can take pictures of the lowest position of the feet.

trolley-style bucky stand

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