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Bucky radiology operation

Bucky radiology is an important part of the X-ray machine.It is also one of the important equipment for body photography.When giving a patient a chest X-ray examination, it can prevent the normal tissues and organs in other parts of the body from being exposed to radiation, which makes the work of medical staff easier.
Besides, the installation of bucky stand is convenient, and engineers are not required to install it. Bucky radiology only needs to be installed by percussion drilling.
Bucky radiology operation
Newheek can provide you with bucky stand in various models and styles.
Our bucky radiology is about two meters high, with simple structure and elegant appearance.Secondly, bucky radiology can receive three static imaging methods: film imaging, IP plate and plate detector.
If you have any questions about our bucky radiology, please feel free to contact us.

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