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bucky stand for shooting ankle

Recently, a customer consulted a bucky stand that can be moved up and down and tilted and rotated. The hospital is a wireless DR for Siemens tablet 15 * 18 thick 2CM. Tell us that our mobile cart-type camera rack can meet customer needs, and the product pictures are shown in the figure below

The hospital’s requirement is that the tablet can be tilted 45 degrees back and forth, as well as left and right. If the user wants to take pictures of the ankle and other parts, the edge of the flat panel detector should preferably be close to the ground. The cassettes on our cart-type photo frame are tilted up and down by about 30 degrees, and the tilt range is wider. Pull down the cassette to the bottom of the upright post. After installing the flat panel detector, the edge can be close to the ground. The hospital originally wanted to purchase imported camera frames, but the price was too high. So I want to replace it with a domestic one, and our cart-type camera rack can just replace the imported one, which has a great advantage in price. If you are more interested in this cart-type photo frame, please call to consult


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