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Bucky stand is used for radiology

Bucky stand is an important component for chest photography. Newheek Bucky stand can be divided into a variety of types and types, including fixed type, mobile type and suspended type. According to the lifting mode of Bucky, it can be divided into manual type and electric type. According to the way of loading, it is divided into formal loading and side loading.
Bucky stand is used for radiology
Newheek Bucky stand adopts a balanced design to ensure smooth operation.For convenience, Bucky stand has one operating handle on each side, which makes it easy to perform cervical spine and knee joint examination. Black box loading and unloading mode can be set to the left or right according to the layout of inspection room.
Bucky stand has high intelligent positioning efficiency, convenient shooting of chest radiography and easy positioning control. It can solve the problems of low positioning efficiency, inconvenient chest film shooting and difficult to control accurate positioning of Bucky stand.
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