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Bucky stand shipped

Customers are in a hurry to order bucky stand and require payment and delivery on the same day. Generally, if conditions permit, there are spot goods and packing boxes. We will try our best to meet the needs of customers when the logistics company returns the goods.

A few days ago, customers from different urban areas in Shandong province placed an urgent order for NK17SY mobile bucky stand. We confirmed the purchase at 4:00 PM and required delivery on the same day. We quickly determined the product and packing box inventory for the customer, and replied that there was one in stock, so please pay as soon as possible.There were some problems in the payment process of the customer, so the payment was not received until 5:00 PM.Before that, we made up the contract procedures for the customer, and arranged the warehouse staff to start packing, ready for delivery at any time.

It was after 6pm when all the work such as packing and quality inspection was ready, and the time for picking up goods had already exceeded the logistics company we had been cooperating with. We decided to contact SF Logistics immediately. Although the freight cost increased, we successfully sent the bucky stand to the customer on the same day.

When the order number is sent to the customer, the customer says that he serves our company thumb up. The customer’s approval is definitely the best recognition for our work.Newheek not only has good product quality, but also good service. If you are also interested in bucky stand, please call us .

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