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Bucky tray stand is configured on radiology table

Bucky tray stand and floating column type fixed bed tube support, post 360 ° rotation, convenient photography from the bed; The tube assembly is linked with the detector, convenient to locate, and can be photographed from multiple angles, ordinary photography, filter photography, chest photography. Besides meeting the photography of bucky tray stand and the flat bed, it can also meet the demand of mobile photography on stretcher and wheelchair, which is suitable for the shooting of critically ill patients.

Bucky tray stand direct digital photography dual energy subtraction technology refers to the application of the density of different bone and soft tissue for energy X-ray exposure photography (twice), the characteristics of the photon absorption way different, ordinary X-ray chest radiograph of the image of bone and soft tissue component separation, only soft tissue or bone of image technology.The selection of bucky tray stand can realize an exposure photography to separate the bone and soft tissue image film.
The Newheek bucky tray stand can be configured as needed by the customer.

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