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Can I have a meal before the X-ray bucky stand?

X-ray bucky stand can cooperate with various X-ray machines to take X-ray photographs of various parts of human body such as head, chest, abdomen and joints. X-ray bucky stand can be an assistant device for moving up and down.
Many people will worry about such a problem, I had a friend before, because I felt uncomfortable in the lungs, want to do lung film the next morning, call the doctor in advance to ask: before the film can eat ah, will it affect the effect of the film?
The doctor’s answer is: Of course, you can eat, if you eat, it mainly affects the results of blood tests, for imaging examination interference is not large. Normal diet is okay, unless blood is taken to check liver function, or biochemistry, or abdominal B-mode ultrasonography, then fasting is necessary.
Therefore, it is possible to take a X-ray bucky stand with a chest film rack, and it is not necessary to have an empty stomach.
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