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Can X-ray Chest stand radiography on pregnant women?

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Will radiation from chest radiographs harm pregnant women? Let’s talk about it today.

Scientific research indicates that the radiation dose which will affect the intelligence of the fetus is between 200 mGy and 400 mGy, and if the ionizing radiation is controlled below 50 mGy, there will be no abortion, teratogenicity or intellectual impairment.

What is the concept of 50mGy? Is it bigger or smaller than our routine X-ray and CT examinations? Estimated dose of common medical radiological examinations for fetal exposure:

Chest plain film (one shot in front and one shot in side) 0.0002-0.0007 mGy
Abdominal plain film (single irradiation) 1 mGy
Buttock plain film (single irradiation) 0.07-0.2mGy
CT scan of head or chest < 10mGy
Abdominal or lumbar CT scan 35 mGy
Pelvic CT scan 2.5mGy


It is easy to see from the table that the amount of radiation received by babies in these commonly used checkups is less than the upper limit of 50 mGy. Let’s be clear. If a pregnant woman needs to have a head CT scan during pregnancy because her head is smashed by a billboard, then she has to do it five times in a row before she can barely do harm to her baby. If an expectant mother wants to take a chest X-ray, it will have to take more than 70,000 consecutive pictures to cause miscarriage.

Radioactive examination during pregnancy is actually the choice of “two hazards should be taken lightly”.

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