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Category of mobile stand all

Mobile stand all is an important part of the X-ray machine.Bucky stand should be used when taking X-ray pictures of patients. Chest X-ray racks and stretcher beds also need to be used in conjunction with emergency department x-rays.
This requires sufficient distance between the upright column of mobile stand all and the detector box on mobile stand all to ensure that the stretcher bed can be placed in a proper position.
Category of mobile stand all
Newheek mobile stand all is divided into fixed, mobile and wall type. According to the lifting mode of bucky, it is divided into electric type and manual type.
According to the way of loading, it is divided into formal loading and side loading.
Our mobile stand all is about two meters high and consists of four parts: column, slide frame, bucky and balancing device. Mobile stand all is our optional device.
Newheek mobile stand all can meet your different purchasing needs.

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