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Chest stand structure

Chest stand, including chest film mounting bracket and fixation belt. Two pairs of fixation rings were fixed on both sides of the mounting bracket in Bucky stand, and a fixation belt was fixed inside each fixation ring. The two opposite fixation belts were connected by locking buckle.
Newheek chest stand is simple in structure, convenient in operation, low in manufacturing cost, and can be accurately positioned without the care of nursing staff. It shortens the distance between the human body and the chest, reduces the image distortion, and has high diagnostic accuracy.
Chest stand structure
Column height: 2200mm
Bucky up and down stroke: 1400mm 10mm(electric)
Bucky minimum: 450 mm 10mm
The smart positioning of Newheek chest stand is efficient, convenient for chest radiography, and easy to control and accurate.It has solved the problems of low positioning efficiency, inconvenient chest radiography, and difficult to control accurate positioning of chest stand.
There are many types of chest stands: fixed, mobile and suspended.According to the chip box lifting mode is divided into manual and electric.The loading method is divided into formal loading and side loading.
Newheek chest stand offers you a variety of options.

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