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buck stand Wall Mounted

The radiograph frame is also known as the bucky stand, so the wall-mounted bucky stand  bracket is actually a wall-mounted radiograph frame, or a wall-mounted chest radiograph frame. It is suitable for photographic examination of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body.
The wall-mounted chest film rack is composed of a column, a sliding frame, a film box and a balance device. Compatible with all sizes of DR flat panel detectors. The total height of the photographic frame is 1500mm, and it can also be customized to 1800mm; the width of the photographic frame is 455mm; when the size of the plate or cassette is 1717, the minimum stroke of the photographic frame is 1000mm; our recommended installation height is the distance from the bottom of the photographic frame Floor ≥500mm; width of card slot <30mm, it can fit most DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, ordinary cassettes; its maximum film size is not limited, because the clip spacing is adjustable; installation method It is to be hung on the wall, and the recommended distance from the ground is 500mm; the suitable size of the film clip is 5″×7″-17″×17″ or larger; optional mobile base can be used as a mobile photo frame.
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