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Client consultation of bucky tray stand

There are various types of bucky tray stand, and the price of the electric lifting bucky tray stand is higher than the manual lifting bucky tray stand.
Installation of bucky diagnost
Afghan customers inquired about our 17 “X17” vertical bucky tray stand, and we recommended two types of fixed electric lifting bucky tray stand and mobile electric lifting bucky tray stand. At present, people are pursuing convenience and speed, and electric lifting is far more convenient and labor-saving than manual lifting.
There are several types of chest rack with x ray grid
But the customer feels his price is higher, want to know manual lifting bucky tray stand, manual lifting bucky tray stand and electric lifting bucky tray stand have fixed and movable two types of bucky tray stand, electric lifting bucky tray stand than manual lifting bucky tray stand technology content and cost are higher, so the price is higher. Customers can make various choices according to their own needs and budgets.

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