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Composition and type of DR bucky stand

The composition of the DR bucky stand is composed of columns, sliding frames, cassette boxes and balancing devices. The box size of 17 “X17” is mainly used to configure DR flat panel detectors, CR IP board and dark box can also be placed.
The DR bucky stand has an electric photo holder, a manual photo holder, a fixed film holder and a mobile photo holder.
DR bucky stand
The mobile DR bucky stand contains mobile devices, and the cassette parts contain electric devices. Because the current era, is the pursuit of convenient and fast times, electric lifting is far more convenient and labor-saving than manual lifting. We are committed to providing high quality product experience for our customers.
Of course, mobile DR bucky stand and electric DR bucky stand are also more expensive than fixed DR bucky stand and manual DR bucky stand. Electric lifting DR bucky stand than manual lifting DR bucky stand technology content and cost higher, so the price is higher, customers can according to their needs and budget for a variety of options.

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