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Customer bought our fixed vertical bucky stand

Few days ago, a customer inquired about a fixed vertical bucky stand. The customer has just purchased a mobile DR and wants to buy a fixed vertical bucky stand for use with the mobile DR. I added the customer WeChat and sent the fixed vertical bucky stand product catalog. After reading the catalog, the customer is more interested in our cart-type NK17SG side-mounted fixed bucky stand. I gave the customer an introduction as follows:
1. Model: NK17SG
2. Purpose: Suitable for radiographic examination of the human body’s head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts
3. Function: This device is composed of a column, a trolley frame, a film box (with a pull-out film cart in the box), a balance device, etc. It can be adapted to the cassettes of different sizes of ordinary X-ray film, the CR IP board and DR flat panel detector is used.
4. Main technical parameters
① The maximum stroke of the film box is 1100mm;
② The slot width is suitable for boards with a thickness of <28mm
③ Film box size: 5″×7″-17″×17″;
④ Optional grid
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