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Customer consultation DR dedicated bucky stand

Recently, a customer in Taizhou consulted our bucky stand. The customer inquired about Newheek’s DR dedicated bucky stand through a third-party platform, and wanted to ask about parameters and prices.
After a simple phone call with the customer, I added WeChat to each other and sent product information to inform the customer that they need to go to the hospital to confirm the length, width and thickness of the flat panel detector. Currently, we have two types of DR dedicated bucky stand : one fixed type (fixed directly on the ground with expansion screws), and one mobile type (with a mobile base, the brake wheel can be fixed as long as the device is locked).
The customer replied that they all have these data. The size of the flat panel detector in the hospital is 14*17, the thickness is 1.5CM, and the thickness of the card slot of the DR device is 2 cm. The hospital’s mobile DR equipment.
I told my customers that in the case of a hospital, the DR equipment itself is mobile. It is better to use a mobile DR dedicated bucky stand. The customer asked about the price again, and after making a general quotation, the customer said that the situation is almost understood, but the hospital still needs to approve, and then contact the specific follow-up.
If you want to know more about the DR dedicated bucky stand, please contact us.

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