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Customer inquiry column bucky stand

The customer inquired about the column bucky stand. The customer inquired about the simple mobile bucky stand a week ago, because the price is still in negotiation with the hospital.In recent days, another hospital needs a column bucky stand. The customer immediately contacted us and asked if we could provide it.

We learn that the hospital uses 17 * 17 inch flat-panel detector, we reply customer that we can provide, and recommend to the customer the Newheek NKDRSG special stationary flat panel detector and NK17SG side out bucky stand , bucky stand up and sent to the customer product pictures, and explain to customers, the two flat panel detector is suitable for hospitals, NK17SG model can also be used to camera holder film cassette and CR IP board, in addition with dustproof shell, can be fitted wire grid, and the price is a little expensive.

We suggest the customer to confirm with the hospital whether a movable base is needed. Both of these two vertical bucky stand can be selected. The customer will reply to us after confirming with the hospital.

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