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Customization of bucky assembly

A client needs a bucky assembly. The thickness of the bucky assembly is 2.5CM. We are a professional manufacturer of bucky assembly, which can be customized according to customer needs.
According to customer requirements, the final customization is the mobile electric bucky assembly. The parameters of the bucky assembly are as follows:
1. The total height of the bucky assembly is 1800mm.
2. The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm.
3. The size of the base is 480mm*480mm;
4. Maximum photographic size: unrestricted (adjustable clip spacing).
5. The arm can withstand 12 kg, can swing 180 degrees left and right, can swing – 50 /+30 degrees left and right.
Features of chest rack for mobile electric bucky assembly:
1. The design is simple and generous.
2. Easy installation and simple operation.
3.Small volume, light weight, saving transportation cost for users;
4. The column is made of high strength aluminum alloy with T grooves on both sides.
5. The base adopts streamline design and high strength anti winding silent medical wheel.
6. The back is ergonomic handle, which can be easily moved.
7.Hidden power line design.
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