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DR dedicated bucky stand

The DR dedicated bucky stand is a filming device tailored for digital flat-panel detectors. It mainly consists of a column, a sliding frame, a flat-panel cassette, a balance device, etc. It can also be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile film rack. With the digitization of medical equipment, flat-panel detectors are gradually replacing ordinary films, and more and more customers inquire about DR dedicated bucky stand.
The main parameters of the DR dedicated bucky stand provided by Newheek are as follows:
The maximum stroke of the film box moving up and down is 1100mm;
The width of the card slot is suitable for boards with a thickness of ≤35mm;
The left, right, up and down deviation between the center of the DR flat panel detector and the center of the cassette is not more than +-5mm;
Within the range of travel, the left and right deviation of the center of the film box is not more than +-5mm;
To hold DR flat panel detector, CR IP board, the size of the cassette: 5’’*7’’-17”*17”.

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