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DR radiography bucky stand price

DR radiography bucky stand price
Now the medical industry is asking more and more about medical dr equipment. With the birth of digital imaging technology, screen photography has been gradually eliminated. Medical dr equipment covers the entire radiology department, and the demand for DR imaging racks has increased accordingly. . The chest X-ray frame is also called the filming frame. It is composed of a column and a film box that has been balanced. It is mainly used to place imaging equipment. The imaging equipment includes a flat-panel detector cassette and an IP board. It can only be released after the imaging equipment X-ray machine takes pictures. Image, the purchase of chest X-ray frames was so high last year, mainly because of the DRX machine. The main component of the DRX machine is the DR flat panel detector. The flat panel detector is a very expensive accessory, so in order to better protect the imaging If the equipment is installed, it needs to be placed with a chest X-ray frame. After the film box with the chest X-ray frame is placed in the imaging equipment, the patient can be photographed stably.
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