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Easy with bucky stand

The function of Easy with bucky stand is the same as that of ordinary xray bucky. The main function is to check the head, abdomen, chest, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body. The structure of xray bucky is mainly composed of pillars, carriages, clips, arms and moving bases. It is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and with (without) line flat panel detector DR.
Introduce this Easy with bucky stand today, one of Newheek’s simple xray bucky. The difference between Easy with bucky stand and the other is that it can be placed anywhere and does not need to be hung on the wall to be used.
X ray bucky grid
A special point is that xray bucky also designed a foldable stool for children so that when the child is using it, the stool can be put down for the treatment of the child.
1. Simplified structure, utilized minimum space;
2. Easy to install, simple operation, easy to disassemble and carry;
3. Small size and light weight, save transportation cost;
4. Unique L-shaped rotary handle locking, easy for lifting the bucky;
Easy to focus the center;
6. 35mm-deep bucky slot, suitable for different size of cassettes, CR cassette and flat panel
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