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Features of chest bucky xray

Chest bucky xray is an important part of body photography, and bucky stand is required in the X-ray photography of patients. Chest bucky xray also needs to be used in conjunction with the chest X-ray bed during the X-ray examination of emergency patients. This requires a sufficient distance between the chest X-ray frame column and the detector box on chest bucky xray to ensure that the chest X-ray bed can be placed in an appropriate position.
Features of chest bucky xray
Features of Newheek chest bucky xray:
Compact structure, small floor space, easy installation.
Single pillar, internal balance.
Manual movement, mechanical locking.
The film box can be opened 180 degrees.
The detection board window is set to facilitate access to the AEC system.
High quality imported fixed filter grid.
The Newheek chest bucky xray comes in a variety of types and models, including stationary, mobile, and wall-mounted.
Our chest bucky xray can meet your different procurement needs.

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