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Hanging buckystand

Just recently, Newheek launched a new bucky stand, a hanging buckystand. It does not need to move the base or stand on the ground, which is mainly hanging on the wall and cabinet.

First, the wall-mounted chest X-ray buckystand is suitable for imaging inspection of the human head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts.

Introduction to wall mounted bucky stand

Second, the wall-mounted buckystand structure: This device consists of a column, a slide, a film clip, and a balance device

Suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CE, IP boards and flat panel detector DR

3. Technical parameters of wall-mounted buckystand: high: 150cm

Width: 45.5cm

Thickness: 5cm

Distance from the ground: 50cm

Up and down stroke: 105cm

Clip holder inner diameter: 3.5cm

Fourth, the characteristics of wall-mounted buckystand:

1. Simple and elegant appearance design;

2.Easy installation, simple operation, easy disassembly and portability;

3. Small size and light weight, saving transportation cost for users;

4. The unique L-shaped rotary handle design makes it convenient for the operator to move the car up and down;

5, protective buffer design;

6, easy to find focus;

7. The design of the slot width is 35mm, which is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and flat panel detectors with or without wires.

This is relative to 150cm high for illustration. Our buckystand can be customized.


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