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Hong Kong customer consultation wall-mounted bucky stand

On Mewheek’s website, I received an inquiry from a Hong Kong customer for a wall-mounted bucky stand. The customer needed 20 wall-mounted bucky stands to be exported to the Philippines.
The wall-mounted bucky stand is composed of a column, a sliding frame, and a film holder. It can be used with ordinary X-ray film cassettes of various sizes, CR IP boards, and (without) line flat panel detectors.
The total height of wall-mounted bucky stand is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
The wall-mounted bucky stand has a width of 455mm;
The minimum stroke of the wall-mounted bucky stand camera box is 1000mm;
Recommended installation height for wall-mounted bucky stand: ≥500mm from the ground
Wall-mounted bucky stand card slot width ≤ 35mm (compatible with most DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, and ordinary cassettes);
Maximum film size of wall-mounted bucky stand: unlimited (the film clip spacing is adjustable);
Wall-mounted bucky stand installation method: hanging on the wall (recommended distance from the ground 500mm);
Suitable size for wall-mounted bucky stand: 5″×7″—17″×17″ or larger.
See here that everyone has a more in-depth understanding of the wall-mounted bucky stand.

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