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How do I install the camera stand

How do I install the camera stand?

Generally speaking, Mobile Photo rack is free of installation, but the fixed vertical camera stand needs to be installed and used when it reaches the customer. The camera stand can be installed at home, but foreign customers can not be installed at home. Therefore, the following installation instructions are specially written:
Place the camera stand on the flat hard ground 180 cm away from the tube so that the vertical center of the photo box coincides with the center of the tube. After adjusting correctly, align the four through-hole centers of 8.5 at the bottom of the column of the device and install four expansion screws of M 8 with the electric hammer, and then tighten them.
After adjusting correctly, you can shoot at this time.
The installation method is simple, but if you don’t understand it, you can consult it free of charge.


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