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How to choose a good bucky stand?

Medical imaging is the use of various means to bring out part of the body’s structure, organization, biophysical and chemical characteristics, inter-organizational relationship and other information out of the body, display in various display media, provide a clinical diagnosis, treatment, analysis and statistical basis Door science.
Configuration of chest bucky X ray
The vertical chest frame is a camera auxiliary device that can move up and down. The vertical chest frame is easy to operate, and it has become a necessary routine medical equipment for hospitals and medical institutions to put xsfgidgbn. Nowadays, for the medical device manufacturers in China, there are more brands of domestic vertical chest racks. So what kind of chest rack can meet the requirements of the hospital?
How much is the vertical chest rack? When purchasing a vertical chest frame, the hospital can refer to some features and selection criteria of the Newheek vertical chest frame.

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