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How to make bucky stand?

How to make bucky stand? The utility model comprises a column, a rotating frame, a photo box, a panel, a fixed filter board, a lead type tape, a Velcro, a coil spring, a pull wire, a top clip, a lower clip, a cassette, and the upper .

Stand bucky type

The clip is located at the top of the cassette, and the lower clip is located at the lower part of the cassette. The upper and lower clips are fixed to the panel, and the velcro on both sides of the cassette is used for the label. Bonding and fixing, characterized in that: the photo film box is located on the side of the column, supported by the rotating frame, one end of the rotating frame is clamped into the sliding groove on one side of the column, and the photo frame slides up and down in the sliding slot through the rotating frame, along the column Slide vertically in the vertical direction, and the photo cassette is flipped in the transverse direction of the column by 0 to 180 degrees from the vertical direction of the column. The cassette is directly inserted from the back of the cassette, and is caught between the upper and lower clips.

Bucky vertical type

There are coil springs on both sides of the clip, and there are pull wires on both sides of the photo cassette, the top ends of the pull wires are respectively connected with the coil springs, and the lower ends are connected with the lower clips.

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