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How to use the chest rack

The chest X-ray frame is also called the X-ray  bucky stand, which is convenient for the inspection of the film.
Our company has a complete range of chest film racks, with various specifications and models, which can be divided into side-out film, formal film, DR special type, wall-mounted type and cart type, all of which are suitable for the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity of the human body and other parts for photographic examination.
The cassette of the chest film rack can be used for flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, and ordinary X-ray film cassettes, and the operation is also very simple. For the side-out film, the full-load film, and the DR-specific type, the cassette is placed in the film box, which is fixed by a spring clip, and can be released after clamping. The wall-mounted type needs to turn a few small switches to determine the upper and lower positions. The operation is very simple, and our company has professional video explanations. You can come to consult and watch the video more intuitively.
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