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How to use the wall-mounted bucky stand

A wall-mounted bucky stand is a device used to place and hold X-ray film or a digital sensor for taking X-ray images. Here’s how to use the wall-mounted bucky stand:
Install the stand: Choose a suitable location, and use screws and a wall frame to fix the bucky stand on the wall to ensure that it is firmly fixed.
Adjust the height of the stand: according to the need, adjust the height of the stand to the position suitable for the operator and the patient by loosening the adjustment screw.
Place the film or digital sensor: There are corresponding brackets or clamps on the film frame, and the X-ray film or digital sensor can be placed in it.
Ensure focus: Adjust the focuser on the bucky stand to a proper position to ensure that the captured X-ray images are clearly visible.
Imaging: As directed by the doctor or technician, place the patient in front of the bucky stand and make sure they are in the correct posture. Then, according to the shooting requirements, select the appropriate exposure parameters and trigger the X-ray machine to shoot.
Removing the Film or Flat Panel Detector: Carefully remove the X-ray film or flat panel detector when you are done taking the shot.
Process film or digital images: according to actual needs, develop and develop X-ray films, or connect digital sensors to computers for image processing and analysis.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When operating the wall mount, follow safety regulations and radiation precautions to avoid overexposure to radiation for yourself and your patient. Ensure the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and accessories, regularly check and calibrate equipment to ensure its normal operation and image quality.
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