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Indispensable combination bucky stand and photography flat bed for mobile DR

Nowadays, the perfect combination of digital technology and X-ray photography technology has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography. Bedside mobile digital photography technology came into being. Mobile DR ushered in a new era of digitization in bedside photography. Mobile DR can quickly acquire and confirm photographic images after exposure for a few seconds, eliminating the need for complicated procedures such as traditional bucky stand development and IP board information reading. Images can be processed on-site, network transmission, and printing, which are efficient, fast, and more direct.
Mobile DR equipment, which replaces traditional film with a digital image flat panel detector, directly captures X-ray images and converts them into high-definition digital images. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, fast imaging, and clear images, which can provide effective imaging information for the clinic in a timely manner, so that patients can obtain diagnosis and treatment in a very short time. In addition, the DR imaging system can also store images, which can be continuously captured at the bedside, and then transmitted to the Zoomlion system after image processing, so as to detect lesions and make a clear diagnosis in time. The use of the movable DR bedside video camera not only speeds up the radiological diagnosis workflow and improves the work efficiency, but also solves the problem that emergency, critical and critically ill patients cannot take pictures because they cannot move.
Mobile DR can meet the needs of bedside photography in radiology department, ICU, operating room, neonatal ward, etc. If you choose a chest radiograph stand or a photography flat bed, you can easily realize the fixed DR photography function in the radiology department, such as chest, waist, abdomen, etc. Full body examination items such as feet.
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