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Installation of bucky diagnost

When bucky diagnost takes pictures of the body, due to the individual differences of the examinee, the body cannot be accurately positioned, which affects the diagnostic accuracy of X-ray photography. Especially for infants and the weak, due to poor self-care ability, low control ability, often need personnel care, increase the difficulty of operation, at the same time, on the one hand, the distance between the dark box and the human body is too long, easy to make the image distortion, on the other hand, not accurate in place, positioning accuracy is not high, affecting the accuracy of diagnosis.
Newheek bucky stand is featured by simple new structure, convenient operation, low manufacturing cost, no need of nursing staff, accurate positioning, shortening the distance between human body and the black box, image distortion is not easy, and high diagnostic accuracy.
Installation of bucky diagnost
The Newheek bucky diagnost is divided into various types, fixed, suspension and mobile. Can choose according to the different needs of customers, can also be configured according to the needs of mobile base, and easy installation, flexible. No additional installation costs are required.
Our bucky diagnost can meet your different procurement needs.

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