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Installation position of chest stand

Chest stand can be used as the component of X-ray machine to place flat detector or camera obscura, etc. It is an auxiliary equipment for the examination of various parts of the human body. The chest film rack is placed directly in front of the X-ray machine, about 1,8 meters away from the X-ray generator so as to obtain the best shooting effect.
First, vertical mobile chest film frame function: suitable for the head, abdomen, chest, pelvic cavity, limbs and other parts of the human body to take the film examination.
Ii. Vertical mobile chest film frame structure: the device is composed of column, slide frame, clip, arm and mobile base. It is suitable for different sizes of cartridges, CR IP boards and flat detector DR with (without) line.
Three, vertical mobile chest radiography frame technical parameters:
1. The total height of the camera frame is 1800mm;
2. The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm;
3, base size 480mm*480mm;
4, the maximum size: unrestricted (clip spacing adjustable);
5, the arm can withstand 12kg, can swing around 180 degrees, can swing around -50/+30 degrees.
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