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Instructions of a bucky stand

The bucky stand is an accessory device of the X-ray machine. Using the combined effect of the existing medical X-ray machine and this device in the medical institution, the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body are photographed to achieve diagnosis The purpose of the lesion.
The common name of this product is the bucky stand. The device can be positioned arbitrarily within the range of vertical up and down movement. It is easy to operate, flexible and reliable when taking pictures, and has a wide range of use.

1.Structure and technical parameters
The device is composed of box cover, slide rail and cassette.
Technical parameters
The travel of the film holder is not less than 1400mm;
The maximum size of the photo cassette / IP board to be installed: 17 ″ × 17 ″
2.Installation and operation
After leveling the column, align the three screw holes of the base with the center of the three φ8.5 through holes at the bottom of the box, and tighten with three M8 screws.


Move the device to make the vertical center of the photo box coincide with the center of the tube to maintain the best clarity of the photo;
After adjusting the position, lock the front two brake wheels, at this time you can take pictures. (The locked state is shown in Figure 2.3)
Operation method of brake wheel:
The shape of the brake wheel and the key of the brake wheel are shown in Figure 2.1; when the brake key is pressed, as shown in Figure 2.2, when the green part of the bottom of the key is reduced, the wheel is in a free state; at this time, you can adjust the front and back of the mobile base Left and right position
When the brake wheel switch is pressed again, as shown in Figure 2.3, when the green part at the bottom of the switch key increases, the wheel is locked, and the mobile device is locked and the device cannot move;

Push the bucky stand to move the bucky stand to the desired position;
After setting the position, lock the brake wheel to fix the bucky stand;
Hold the handle, snap the selected DR (or IP board) into the mobile clip, push down the mobile clip, so that the DR (or IP board) is placed in the upper and lower clips, and tighten;
Loosen the locking handle, adjust the height of the carriage according to the position of the film, and reach the appropriate height of the photo box. After adjusting, lock the handle to take the film
After the filming is completed, remove the DR (or IP board) from the film holder
Note: When the DR (or IP board) is taken out, the moving film clip should be slowly dropped back to prevent the return force from being too sharp and causing damage to the film clip and slider.
3.Matters needing attention
When installing, try to keep the vertical center of the film cassette consistent with the coincidence of the tube, otherwise there will be a bright side and a dark side;
2. Make sure the convergence distance is around 180cm to maintain the clarity of the film;
3. Pay attention to the selection of filming conditions (kV, mA)
4.Environmental conditions for transportation and storage
In the state of transportation or storage packaging, the equipment can be placed for more than 15 weeks under the environmental conditions not exceeding the following;
Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃;
Humidity ≤90 ﹪;
Atmospheric pressure 500kpa ~ 1060kpa;
Store in a room with no corrosive gas and good ventilation;
Protect the motor and push rod during transportation to prevent the motor and push rod from being damaged by crushing or knocking.
5.Repair and maintenance instructions
Maintenance personnel must obey the relevant regulations on equipment maintenance. Maintenance personnel without our authorization shall not repair the equipment without authorization;;
After equipment maintenance, all safety-related devices must be checked before use;
Regularly check the guide rail regularly, add 30 # engine oil or grease in an appropriate amount
The product should be maintained during use to ensure that the product works normally and fully exerts its effectiveness.
The machine room is always kept clean and dry, and the surface of each sports track is often wiped away, and there must be no dust and debris;
The contact gap between each moving part and the track is adjusted once a year;
After the product fails, it should be repaired by professionals.

(Note: If there are design changes or specifications changes in this product, the user will not be notified, the actual product shall prevail)

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