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Is Newheek’s photographic stand movable

Is Newheek’s photographic stand movable?

With the advancement of science and technology, people are demanding more and more material, so Newheek has always followed the progress of medical technology to provide more perfect and convenient equipment and services. Newheek offers a variety of photo shelves, including mobile and stationary ones, depending on the crowd and the conditions.
NK17DY, NK17SY, NKDRDY, and NKDRSY are movable on the NK series chest radiograph shelves in Newheek. The difference is that the difference between the camera and the camera is different.

The camera can be either a front mount or a side mount, which can hold a dark box, a CR (IP board) or a DR. The size of the camera can be selected with 14 “X17” or 17 “X17” or no box DR. The lifting mode of the photographic device is also electric, manual or flip.

So Newheek’s shelves are mobile and fixed, customizable no matter what the customer wants.

photographic stand movable

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