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Manual vertical bucky stand mobile

Manual vertical chest bucky stand x ray mobile is a popular chest bucky x ray from Newheek. The Manual vertical bucky stand mobile has the same function as the normal chest bucky x ray. It mainly checks the human head, abdomen, chest, pelvis, limbs and other parts. The structure of the chest bucky x ray is mainly composed of the column, the carriage, the clip, the arm and the moving base. It is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and with (without) line flat panel detector DR.
Let me introduce you to Newheek Manual vertical bucky stand mobile:
Product Application
NK14SY is a floor-to-wall mounted vertical receptor, which offers solutions for all the diagnostic imaging needs of hospitals, clinics and private practices. It offers max stability and effort-less movement. It is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic Exposure. The extended vertical travel track allows for skull examination of tall patients as well as lower extremity exposure. The vertical movement is locked by the mechanical brake handle.
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