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Mobile bucky stand can be used with mobile DR

The customer saw the mobile bucky stand advertised by our company on the website and came to consult. The customer said that he bought a mobile DR for the local hospital and wanted to equip it with a mobile bucky stand.
We confirm the styles of mobile DR and flat panel detectors to customers, and send the mobile bucky stand product color pages to customers, let customers choose the styles, the customer said that flat panel detectors are 17*17 inches, because the hospital is hot for diagnosis, think Looking for a simple and lightweight bucky stand, we recommended the simple mobile bucky stand and the trolley-type mobile bucky stand to our customers, and posted a product video. After comparison, customers prefer the trolley-type mobile bucky stand. As shown in the figure below, the client said to give us a reply after communicating with the hospital.

mobile bucky stand

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