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Mobile bucky stand for mobile DR

The customer has a mobile DR, which is used to deal with the current new crown epidemic, mainly used to check suspected new crown patients, so a bucky stand is needed to place the wireless flat panel detector. The customer’s flat panel is 15 mm thick, with a 17*17 inch flat panel detector.
The customer requires a mobile manual adjustment type bucky stand.
Send customers our bucky stand introduction brochures, and give customers a detailed introduction to each model. The customers are more satisfied, and they feel that the two bucky stand models, the side-ejection mobile model and the cart mobile model, are relatively good. Ask customers whether they need to add a wire grid, if they need to add a wire grid, choose the side-out mobile bucky stand. If you do not need to add a grid, you can choose a cart-style bucky stand. The cart-style bucky stand is lighter, with mechanical dual-axis adjustment, wider shooting position, and export quality.
The customer’s response needs to be further communicated with the hospital, give the hospital a reference to the bucky stand, and the hospital will make the final decision.

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