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Mobile front mounted bucky stand

(Mobile bucky stand)

The mobile bucky stand is composed of a column, a slide frame, a film box and a balancing device. It can be adapted to different sizes of wireless DR plate detectors, CR IP plates and ordinary X-ray film cartridges.The main function of the camera stand is to examine the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body.

Shandong Newheek Image Equipment Co., LTD. Launched the formal film mobile front mounted bucky stand has two types of manual (NK14/17SY) and electric (NK14/17DY) adjustable film box, which are optional for the work of doctors.(Mobile bucky stand)

Main parameters:

1. Maximum stroke of the camera box: 1100mm

2. Slot width is suitable for boards with thickness < 20mm

3. The highest center point of the card slot is 1620mm from the ground

4. Maximum film size: 5 “*7” -14 “*17”

5. Filter grid (optional) :

Grid density: 40 lines /cm

Grid scale:10:1

Convergence distance: 180cm

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