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Mobile X ray bucky stand is indispensable to check chest symptoms

Guizhou Bailing’s official website released news. The results of multiple trials have shown that the company’s exclusive Miao medicine Ke Su Ding syrup and Ke Qing capsules can treat new coronary pneumonia (light and normal), which is conducive to disease recovery and the conversion of new crown virus, which can shorten cough time.
Guizhou Bailing introduced that the clinical research related to the treatment of new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) carried out by Kesuding Syrup and Keqing Capsules according to the clinical standards of Phase IV has recently ended. As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is stable and improving, the number of patients with new coronary pneumonia has dropped sharply. The clinical trial originally planned to recruit 72 patients with new coronary virus pneumonia. A total of 30 patients were finally enrolled, which failed to reach the planned recruitment number, resulting in objectivity. Affected by certain. According to the completed “Clinical Statistics Report” and “Clinical Summary Report”, the primary and secondary curative effect indicators of cough cure syrup group and cough capsule group in cough recovery rate, average cough disappearance time, etc. showed more Excellent treatment effect.


With the rapid development of medical equipment, the X ray bucky stand has also changed from the oldest simple x ray bucky stand to the dazzling chest frame now, so do you know the purpose of the x ray bucky stand? The following editor will introduce to you:
The x ray bucky stand can carry out vertical radiography examination on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing the lesion. Especially during the epidemic period, the role of x ray bucky stand is obvious. Sometimes they are in short supply. The most important thing is to be linked to people’s health, so this x ray bucky stand is particularly important for our diagnosis.


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