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More About X Ray Bucky Stand

X ray bucky stand consists of column and Film box
X ray bucky stand is fixed at a certain distance according to the Focus Screen Distance of X Ray Grid if have.
The Focus Screen Distance is from X Ray Tube Focus to X Ray Grid’s vertical distance.
For normal using, fixed position is important which should be payed attention to.
X ray bucky stand Film box center moves up and down distance: 1100mm
Open Film box, Cassette with films is placed here.
In front of Cassette, in the front of the Film box, there is a place for fixing X Ray Grid.
X Ray Grid is an option configuration part which is intended for getting better Radiography images.
X ray bucky stand Film cassette container size:203mm×254mm (8″×10″) to 356mm×432mm (14″×17″)
X Ray bucky stand is applicable to make x ray photography for head, chest, belly, pelvic cavity.
Medical X Ray bucky Stand can be used together with the medical X-Ray machine for the checkup of head, chest, stomach, pelvic cavity etc to get the exact diagnoses.

What are the dimensions of the cartridge on the radiology bucky stand that can hold the film

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