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Movable vertical bucky stand for 500mA X-ray machine

The Bucky stand is available in a variety of styles, and the price of the electric lift bucky stand is higher than the manual lift bucky stand.

Configuration of chest bucky X ray
Customers in the United States asked about our 17″ X17″ vertical camera holder. We recommended him a fixed electric lift bucky stand and a mobile electric lift bucky stand. At present, people are pursuing convenience and convenience, and the electric lift is far more convenient than manual lifting. Save time and effort.

Specific application of potter bucky

However, the customer feels that his price is high. He wants to know the manual lifting bucky stand. The manual lifting camera and the electric lifting bucky stand have both fixed and movable bucky stand, bucky stand for electric lifting. Compared with the manual lifting method, the bucky stand has high technical content and cost, so the price is also high, and customers can make various choices according to their own needs and budget.

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