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New type bucky stand

Do you know a New type bucky stand? The new type bucky stand includes a chest plate machine having a chute on both sides of the chest plate machine, and a swing arm device is connected to the chute, the swing arm device includes a circular shaft linear guide, and the circular shaft is straight A movable slider is arranged on the guide rail, and the swing arm frame is hingedly connected to the swing arm frame; the circular shaft of the circular shaft linear guide rail is provided with a positioning pin, and the swing arm device installed in the sliding slot is connected with the X chest piece for shooting .


The swing arm frame of the subject is placed with the arms, and the hinged swing arm frame can be moved to the side of the chest piece machine without using the chest piece machine, and does not occupy space; and the linear guide rail along the circular axis moves up and down. The block can be adjusted to any desired height, and the swing arm frame after adjusting the height can be fixed by the positioning pin disposed on the round shaft of the linear guide of the circular shaft. The specific use position does not cause the slider to loosen, so that the swing arm frame cannot adjust the use height.

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